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Our average repeat client enjoys a 15 bp stronger ROA and grows faster as well!

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How leading financial institutions use our information to improve performance

Our clients use the information from their Kohl Full Activity-Based Assessment to identify which products are providing value and which are not and why. Where value/profit issues exist, our detailed comparisons to other financial institutions uncover the source of the problems, enabling management to take actions to resolve the issues. For products that are performing well, clients can utilize Kohl's tools to determine how changes in pricing and product delivery can lead to higher volumes that increase the bottom line.

While other profitability solutions may be able to provide time and cost information, without the comparisons uniquely available from Kohl Analytics, you will not know if your time is long/short or your costs are high/low compared to industry averages and best practices. Many of our clients uncover issues regarding their product's value contribution that they were not aware of . In other cases they dont know where to begin to address the cost issues they know exist. Only Kohl can provide activity level results that expose the value, good or bad, in your products and provide the reasons why.

  • Uncover and pinpoint previously unknown inefficiencies
  • Understand precisely how operational activities drive costs
  • See exactly what is being spent on loan and deposit operations
  • Fix under performing products
  • Determine which loan and deposit products are profitable and WHY!
  • Validate the quality of existing profitability solutions

  • Enhance current profitability and planning systems with drivers tied to benchmarks
  • Forecast staffing needs and cost based on projected product volumes
  • Determine ROI on proposed marketing promotions
  • Drive marketing decisions to promote profitable products
  • Evaluate the changes in Balance Sheet mix on ROA