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Here is how leading financial institutions use our information

Our clients use the information from their Kohl Product Profitability Study to first identify where pricing, funding, and process problems are and then fix them. As for processes specifically, clients use our database of nearly 100 comparable activities to pin-point specific areas of inefficiency in their lending and deposit programs.

Major shortcomings of other profitability solutions are that they might be able to tell you (most can't) how much time and cost is associated with a specific activity, but because they don't have Kohl's database of comparisons they are unable to determine if that activity time or cost is good or bad. In fact, a lot of the issues we identify clients didn't know were problems to begin with. Kohl's activity-level analytics reveal where the issues are and the value of fixing them thus enabling the proper prioritization and thus maximizing the effectiveness of your process improvement efforts.

  • Uncover previously unknown inefficiencies
  • Understand precisely how operational activities drive costs
  • See exactly what is being spent on loan and deposit operations
  • Pinpoint where to eliminate waste and inefficiency
  • Determine which loan and deposit products are profitable and WHY!
  • Get an unbiased "reality check" for their current profitability solution
  • Enhance their profitability system with drivers tied to benchmarks
  • Enhance their planning system with drivers tied to benchmarks
  • Forecast staffing and cost based on projected product volumes
  • Determine if a technology upgrade is worth the investment
  • Evaluate adding new products or removing existing products
  • Fix under-performing products
  • Drive marketing decisions to promote profitable products
  • Improve Balance Sheet Mix