Kohl Analytics Group provides services to help Financial Institutions maximize value. Our services can analyze profitability from many perspectives at a deep operational level. This enables management to focus on efforts that strengthen the organization and about almost DOUBLE the industry average by being 1/3 more efficient.

  • Provide critical information for potentially transformational COVID-19 caused decisions

  • Understand where value is being created, maintained, and destroyed in every corner

  • View value by numerous different user-defined dimension combinations

  • Determine if the digital delivery channel is truly creating value and how much

  • Enhance current profitability and planning systems with drivers tied to benchmarks

  • Forecast staffing needs and cost based on projected product volumes

  • Determine ROI on proposed marketing promotions

  • Make marketing decisions to promote profitable products

Our Services

Multidimensional Value Analysis

Multidimensional Value Analysis (MVA) is the Kohl Analytics’ flagship service. It is a significant extension of Kohl’s Product Value Assessment (PVA) by taking the balance sheet product level information from the PVA and driving it down to the individual loan and deposit level. This enables users to "slice and dice" profitability using Kohl supplied OLAP reporting or the Business Intelligence tool of their choice.

MVA is a critical tool in today's COVID-19 environment as executives consider potentially transformational decisions. It can show executives what is currently working (i.e., creating value) and not working in the organization. Many organizations are considering expanding their digital footprint, MVA can show whether the current digital channel is creating the value you think it is. Kohl has found that a digital strategy is not always the panacea many claim.

With this knowledge, executives have a far better understanding where the organization currently stands so they can make prudent decisions that enhance the good and avoid, minimize, or fix the bad. As management guru Peter Drucker and others have said, "If you can't measure it, you can't manage it."

MVA is not just a fancy new way of seeing old results. Each dimension (i.e., product, channel, credit tier, etc.) is assigned revenue and cost related to that dimension. MVA enables executives to see where value is being created or destroyed in previously immeasurable corners of the organization.

Product Value Assessment

Our mid-line assessment uses our Employee Cost Assessment customized to your institution with your detailed transaction data to provide accurate information on your loan and deposit contributions. Employee costs are key as they are often half of all costs. If you don't know where employees are spending their time you can't understand what it costs to deliver your products.

Product Value Snapshot

A fast, "mini" service that determines product profitability based on a combination of your financial data and standard cost information from recently completed Full Assessments in our database. It is excellent for companies which want to start small and grow into the more customized and detailed Full Assessment

Our clients have also used this Assessment as an audit to their internal profitability system.

Funds Transfer Pricing

Our FTP service is a detailed instrument-by-instrument analysis with multiple FTP methodologies depending on the characteristics of the loan or deposit. Our service costs a fraction of purchasing commercial software and hiring expensive analysts.

(Stand-Alone or Complimentary Solution)

Earning Enhancement Model

The EEM facilitates the development and testing of product-related strategies such as evaluation of marketing proposals and development of new products using your numbers. This tool also allows you to quickly update important profitability information between Assessments.

(Optional with Product Value Assessment)

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