"Kohl’s Data Engineers are impressive.  We downloaded a year’s worth of loan and deposit transaction data.  It came out in hundreds of individual files, with Greek characters as delimiters, and inconsistent file structures. That describes just a few issues.  It was a mess. Their Data Engineers said no problem and proceeded to address everything in just a few minutes. They saved my weekend!"           

John Tipton Financial Services Manager , 640 Million in Assets

"The Kohl Assessment identified performance issues we were not aware of regarding several products.  There were specific problem areas we were able to act on which lead to substantial improvement in the contribution of these products and improved overall membership value. "

Hilary Eisbrenner SVP/CFO , $4 Billion in Assets

"Over the last 10 years, Navy Federal has used Kohl Activity-Based Assessment to better understand and manage the cost and profitability of our products and services.  In today's environment, in order to remain competitive, we strongly believe that credit unions need to understand and effectively manage their products.  Kohl's Activity-Based Assessment gave us the tool to understand our product and service profitability."

  Joel Polster, SVP/Financial Operations, $138 Billion in Assets

"Kohl’s Earnings Enhancement Model builds on the value provided by their Product Profitability Assessment by giving us the ability to identify changes in product performance over time.  We use the “What If” capabilities of this tool to examine the impact of changes to existing products.  In addition, it streamlines the development of new products by quickly identifying the contributions provided by specific product designs.  The Earnings Enhancement Model is a central part of our product management process. "

 Mike Boden, CFO, $2 Billion in Assets

"Valley Strong Credit Union has performed several Assessments with Kohl over the years.  Kohl’s new enhanced service provides assistance with collecting the hard data from loan applications to deposit transactions. As a result, resource use in the IT and Finance/Accounting areas has been reduced by 75%. It is now much easier to get quality product information working with the Kohl Analytics Group than before."

Nicholas Ambrosini, EVP/Chief Financial Officer , $2.2 Billion in Assets

“I've been involved with Kohl Full Assessments several times and know how much work gathering the data can be. However, the new data collection processes developed by Kohl Analytics have reduced our loan, deposit and transactional data gathering time from weeks to hours."

- Brad Tanberg, CFO, $580 Million in Assets